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The Gracia Era

8.47 – Whatcouldvebeens

MANCHESTER UNITED 1-0 WATFORD: The Hornet’s third successive season in the Premier League has come to an end, and it will be followed by a 4th. The boys end the season on the road at Old Trafford to discuss a performance that promised a little more and countdown the Top 10 moments of the 2017-2018 […]

8.46 – 100% SAFE

WATFORD 2-1 NEWCASTLE Jason, Jon and Jordi talk through the home win that takes us past 40 points and well and truly safe. Jon was also at a special event, where the club have put a gravestone onto a previously unmarked grave of Jonny Goodall. Who was Johnny and what does he mean to our […]

8.45 – Wembley Wasteland

SPURS 2-0 WATFORD Jon and Mike head to Wembley, with no nerves for the first time, for a not surprising result!

8.44 – Zahahahahaha

WATFORD 0-0 CRYSTAL PALACE: An enjoyable 0-0, which puts Watford on 38 points. Jon, Jas and Mike gather to converse about the game, the 4-4-2, the returning centre backs and if having two up front made a difference. There’s a report from Russia, DCW is over there ahead of the World Cup with work, and […]

8.43 – Three-peat

HUDDERSFIELD 1-0 WATFORD: History is repeating, and not just because we’ve lost two weeks in a row. Jon and Colin talk through the defeat to the Terriers and then it’s time for Mike to really share his worries and his plans for the summer. They also talk to Andy from Prostrate Cancer about the battle […]

8.42 – 70 Great Minutes

WATFORD 1-2 BURNLEY Mike, Jas and Jon scrimmage with Burnley, which we lost! The boys make Mike talk through the positives first, before picking apart where the last 20 minutes went so wrong, so very quickly. There’s also discussions about the expansion of Vicarage Road and where we need to strengthen the squad over the […]

8.41 – Can’t Handle Hughes

WATFORD 2-2 BOURNEMOUTH A late equaliser felt like a loss, but Jon, Jason, DCW and Mike gathered to talk about the game, where opportunities were missed and where we can be positive going into the last 6 games. And with the clubs annual At Our Place fans event, the boys went along and reflect on […]

8.40 – Chambo and Friends

Jon, Jason and Mike were given access to another Tales from The Vicarage Live and caught up with Richard Lee, Richard Johnson, Sean Dyche (5th Appearance for the exhaust eater), Paul Robinson and the man of the night Alec Chamberlain. The guys share their memories of Alec, their time at Watford and we find out […]

8.39 – Live on Facebook

LIVERPOOL 5-0 WATFORD After a little delay, don’t ask, Jon and Mike are here for this week’s podcast. It was recorded live on Facebook, that’s why is sounds different, and thank you if you watched along LIVE! We discuss the game, the up coming fans forum and what we will be getting up to on […]

8.38 – We Lost to Arsenal – Strange

Arsenal 3-0 Watford Jon and Colin chat over FaceTime about the game, how it was strange to firstly lose to Arsenal but also that the result didn’t match the performance. Then there’s Doucoure. The rumours of his departure are growing and the boys discuss how they feel about it.