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(Red of Black) Shorts are shorter podcasts we produce on a fairly regular basis. In the monthly reflective podcasts, we’ll talk about what’s been going on in with the first team. In the Shorts podcasts we talk to the wider Watford family and anything else that might be to do with Watford FC.

Laurence and the Machine

What a week it’s been as a Watford fan. We at FTRE have been open to Laurence Bassini as the owner of the Watford FC, even with some worrying thoughts in the back of our mind. With a no show at the fans forum and a threat of resigning from the board the following day we at FTRE felt we needed to talk about our current owner.

Interview – Lloyd Doyley Testimonial

Do you have a bloke at work who’s worked there for an awfully long time? He might not be the high flier or go looking for the attention of the boss every 5 minutes, but he gets on with his work and if he disappeared you’d wonder how the place would keep running.

Selco London Masters

We still have a few weeks to go until the new football season starts. The first team started pre-season with a 2-2 draw away at Borehamwood and the Watford Masters were crowned champions at the Selco London Masters at Wembley Arena.