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What if we could remove all the worry, remove grumpy Saturday nights, even remove losing completely from life as a Watford fan?

From The Rookery End want to find the luckiest Watford item, and we feel it’s vitally important.

If we can find it, then we can all live a comfier life as Watford fans. I mean, we’ll be guaranteed a win every week… surely!?

We need you to tell us about your items. It could be a special scarf, a magic mug, a shirt you wear because of superstition or lucky underpants. We want to hear about them and know if you are up to put it to the test.

What will happen?
We’ll be running a league where you’ll have to ‘play’ your item for a certain number of games. You’ll gain points if your item is played when Watford win or draw.

The exact time frame, number of times you have to play your item and the size of the league will depend on the number of items we receive.

To tell us about your lucky item head over to our form HERE