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40th Anniversary Special: Watford at Wembley 1984

This is another special retrospective episode of From the Rookery End. 

In these podcasts we take an in depth look back at some of the most pivotal moment in Hornets history, having previously covered the 1997 thrashing of our friends up the M1, the breathless Play Off Semi Final victory at St Andrews in 1999 and of course, our tribute to THAT goal by friend of the podcast, Troy Deeney.

Well, they say you never forget your first time, so on this podcast we are going to make sure, by going back 40 years to the day (if you are listening on release day!) to look at Watford’s first ever appearance in the FA Cup Final.

Of course, the result didn’t exactly go to plan (we don’t think this is a spoiler!) but it was still a historic day, and one which is looked back upon fondly by generations of the Hornets faithful. In this podcast we try to encapsulate what it was like to be a Watford fan during that famous cup run, culminating in that sunny day at Wembley in May 1984.

This show ahs been brought to life by a wide range of contrinbutiors, without whom this simply wouldn’t have been possible, so a huge thanks to Olly and Geoff Wicken, Frances Lynn and Adam Cummings - the voice of Vicarage Road’s Radio Hornet during the 70’s and 80’s.

You’ll also hear from three familiar voices - men who were boys back in 1984 - Matt Rowsson, author Lionel Birnie and our very own Jason Bailey. Thanks to them all for their amazing contributions, which we’re certain you’ll enjoy. It’s 1984, and thi is From the Rookery End.

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