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Rob Edwards – An Ex who moved on quicker.

Sacking Rob Edwards, after 11 games of the 2022-2023 season, wasn’t the real issue. Creating an environment and culture in which it was impossible for him (and those that came before and after him) to succeed, was. We’ll never know what would have happened if Rob had stayed on, but he’d have faced the same […]

Your concerns

In our 13 years of podcasting, we’ve felt it important to be a “critical friend” when it comes to Watford FC. To help us, today, on social media, we asked you directly what your biggest current concern is. There were lots of responses and some very clear main themes. We’re just supporters like you so […]

BOOK REVIEW: Mike Calvin’s “State of Play”

When reading anything by Mike Calvin, I know I’m going to get something evocative, incisive, tirelessly researched and important. His new book “State of Play” is all of those things – and more. It’s immediately clear that this is to be a voyage through some difficult topics, and the first chapter is as heartbreaking as […]

Transfer Windows

The 2018 Summer Transfer window is shut. For Watford, it doesn’t seem to have be SLAMMED shut. I have a vision of Gino and Scott going over to the window – in my mind it’s an ornate sash window –  having one last look outside, before nodding at each other and pulling the window down […]

FTRE in Four Four Two

Those of you that buy Four Four Two magazine may well have noticed that two of the From the Rookery End team were mentioned. Our very own Kieran has penned an incredible piece on the WSL, while Mike answered a few questions about Watford’s upcoming season. As regular listeners to the podcast will know, Mike […]

Jason’s Predictions (2018-19)

Our Jason is a great predictor. He has predicted our recent big wins against Liverpool under QSF and Manchester United under Walter. So for this season (the 2018-19) we got him to predict every result and score for every game. You can see them below, but he reckons we’ll end on 48 points, 13 wins, […]

Who’s most like Watford?

This post was originally published in the Golden Pages Fanzine and was a transcript of Jon: Welcome to another From The Rookery End column in Golden Pages. And this one is a little different. For 8 season, we’ve been recording podcasts and telling about our take on life as a Watford. So this column is […]

Expectations: January Transfer Window 2018

Here we go again. Another month, for many Watford fans, of constant trailing through websites for rumours and checking the Watford FC twitter feed for an official announcements. Oh yes, the transfer window is open and Watford should have a few players coming in and a few leaving. What should we expect? They will address the needs […]

The Most Valued Watford Goalkeeper

How do you value a goalkeeper? In 8 seasons of producing FTRE we’ve got to interviewing a good chunk of the men who have guarded the Watford goal over the last 30 years. The youngsters, who, as a club, were dependent on as we started the podcast. Lads like Jonathan Bond (Pod 4.4) were the […]


Everything seems new again, ‘all shiny and new’. A new kit, a few new players and fingers crossed a new, and sustained, sense of optimism in the air. This buoyancy is on a high and seems to be radiating from our new Head Coach Marco Silva. We’ve been here before, many times, and not just […]

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