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7 Seasons of FTRE

We are now in our 7th Season of podcasting about Watford FC, and oh what a great time we’ve had. It’s doubt anyone has ever listened to every episodes we’ve published, so we thought, with an international break to get through, we’d highlight a few of our favourites. Everyday this week we will highlighting a […]

Michael Ricketts – Football Agent

Seen by some as the bad guys of football, who are just after more money, we felt we need to find out a little more about Football agents. So Jon and Mike met Troy Deeney’s agent, and former England International, Michael Ricketts to hunt down the truth about football agents.

Never too high, never too low

Why Watford’s solid start to the Premier League campaign means that defeat at Leicester – and a goalkeeping error – won’t be cause for concern.

Dougie Brimson – Author

Watford fans can be a creative lot, none more so than Dougie Brimson. – author and screenwriter. In another FTRE Shorts podcast, where we are talking to the wider Watford Family, Jon and Mike talk to Dougie about his books, screenplays – including Wings of a Sparrow, Top Dog and Green Street – and his hopes for Watford FC.

Why Watford are getting it right on and off the pitch.

A frank assessment of set piece quality. Future stadium plans. Insight into what happens at the training ground and details on one players inability to operate a petrol pump. A staggeringly wide range of information, delivered by the Chief Executive, Sporting Director, Club Captain and Head Coach. These nuggets of behind the scenes insight are usually reserved for the inner sanctum – the dressing room or the board room. Not at Watford. Things are a bit different here.

At Our Place

Jon, Mike and Jordi were at the club’s Fans’ Forum on Wednesday 4th November where Quique Sanchez Flores, Troy Deeney, CEO Scott Duxbury and Head of Recruitment Luke Dowling were on hand to answer fans questions. In this podcast, the boys reflect on the evening and get interupted by one of the panel.

Adam Newson – Watford Observer

Since entering the Premier League, the Watford media landscape has changed a lot. So Jon caught up with Adam Newson, Watford Observers reporter for Watford FC, to see how the oldest publication are going and find out a bit more about him.

Marvin Sordell – Kieran Callanan

Marvin Sordell, a product of the Watford Youth system, had a great season scoring 15 goals and sold the following January at the last minute to (then) Premier League Bolton. He’s had a turbulant career since then and Watford blogger Kieran Callanan (@polymaas) has spent time with Marvin and will be releasing a series of blog posts about his career before, during and after Watford.

When Martin Taylor met Beyoncé

I tried to start a chant once. As you probably won’t be surprised to learn, it didn’t go well.

Three and not so easy

In the end, all it took was a few seconds. Arsenal broke downfield, driving a horse and cart through the Etienne Capoue shaped hole in midfield before the move culminated in Alexis Sanchez slotting home. It was the first goal of the game and there was still just under half an hour to play, but that was that. In that brief passage of play, the game was up for Watford.