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The Ultimate Broken Watford Player

As 2017 begins, we now find Watford without 8 of the senior players available to put in an appearance for the first team. It feels like Watford are a broken team – mentally and physically. What’s to blame? We all have our theories, but the injuries cannot be over looked. We had a fantastic injury […]

Jon talks to Troy

Just before Watford FC launched their brand new website, at watfordfc.com, they ask our Jon to sit down with club captain Troy Deeney for a chat. It was videoed and on the launch day of the site it was the main story. You can still watch the whole conversation (37 minutes of it) on the club […]

How good have the Pozzo’s been in the transfer market?

So, aside from being a nice bright Watford coloured graph, what does the above actually tell us. Let’s start at the beginning. It seems that this is the most successful season when you look at the big swathe of yellow on the left hand side. What really happened that season with those signings and how did it change […]

Not only love can break your heart

Mike looks back on Almen Abdi’s time at Watford, with a tear in his eye! Football. It will always break your heart. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new and horrifying will happen to make you question your weekly pilgrimage, emotional investment and spiralling financial commitment. Conceding a last minute goal, the stonewall penalty […]

Farewell and Good Riddance

Following the departure of fans’ favourite Almen Abdi, From the Rookery End took to Twitter to ask fellow supporters to name the players that they had been happy to see the back of. There was no need to ask twice, as fellow Hornets delved into their deepest, memories to recount those players who, in their […]

Your Season Prediction: Premier League 2016-17

You can find us on social media as ‘watfordpodcast’ and we love to hear your views on Watford FC. When we asked: Be honest. What’s your gut feeling about this season for #watfordfc? You guys shared a wide range of hopes and dreads, and here are a few of our favourite responses. As always, thanks […]

Odes to Jurado

Thanks to everyone who follows us on social media (we’re watfordpodcast if you want to find us) and you proved to be a creative lot when coming up with poems for Jose Manuel Jurado as he left the club.

7 Seasons of FTRE

We are now in our 7th Season of podcasting about Watford FC, and oh what a great time we’ve had. It’s doubt anyone has ever listened to every episodes we’ve published, so we thought, with an international break to get through, we’d highlight a few of our favourites. Everyday this week we will highlighting a […]

Never too high, never too low

Why Watford’s solid start to the Premier League campaign means that defeat at Leicester – and a goalkeeping error – won’t be cause for concern.

Why Watford are getting it right on and off the pitch.

A frank assessment of set piece quality. Future stadium plans. Insight into what happens at the training ground and details on one players inability to operate a petrol pump. A staggeringly wide range of information, delivered by the Chief Executive, Sporting Director, Club Captain and Head Coach. These nuggets of behind the scenes insight are usually reserved for the inner sanctum – the dressing room or the board room. Not at Watford. Things are a bit different here.