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Dreaming of Watford

Saturday 27 May 2017 by

We all probably think about Watford far too much. From the moment we wake, until we rest our weary heads, the Glory Hornets are running around in our minds. They are in our every thought – Sebastian Prödl, in Mike’s particularly.
They even turn up in our deepest of subconscious. Our dreams now are full of Marco Silva, leading Watford to the ‘latest’ promise land, but one member of the From The Rookery End family (who will remain nameless, for now)  had an interesting dream last night…
I had the most bizarre dream last night that I met Adalberto Peñaranda in Spain, after he’d just signed with Real Madrid.
Hardly spoke any English, but did take a selfie with me (I don’t even take selfies with footballers), but did say he was upset things hadn’t worked out at Watford.
So, has a Watford player ever turned up in a dream of yours, turned up unexpected and told you things you weren’t expecting?

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