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Jason’s Predictions (2018-19)

Friday 20 July 2018 by

Our Jason is a great predictor. He has predicted our recent big wins against Liverpool under QSF and Manchester United under Walter. So for this season (the 2018-19) we got him to predict every result and score for every game. You can see them below, but he reckons we’ll end on 48 points, 13 wins, 9 draws and 16 loses. It doesn’t feel too bad.

You can hear his rational behind the choices on Podcast 9.1, as well as Mike’s reaction and how he might be feeling during this seasons podcasts.

As the season goes on we will come back and see how he is doing?

           RESULT SCORE
Brighton H W 2-0
Burnley A W 2-0
Crystal Palace H D 1-1
Tottenham Hotspur H L 0-2
Manchester United H L 1-3
Fulham A W 1-0
Arsenal A L 0-3
Bournemouth H D 1-1
Wolves A D 0-0
Huddersfield Town H W 3-0
Newcastle United A L 0-2
Southampton A W 2-1
Liverpool H L 1-3
Leicester City A D 1-1
Manchester City H L 0-4
Everton A L 1-2
Cardiff City H W 2-0
West Ham United A L 2-0
Chelsea H D 0-0
Newcastle United H W 3-1
Bournemouth A L 0-2
Crystal Palace A W 1-0
Burnley H W 2-0
Tottenham Hotspur A L 0-4
Brighton A D 1-1
Everton H W 2-1
Cardiff City A W 1-0
Liverpool A L 5-0
Leicester City H D 1-1
Manchester City A L 4-0
Southampton H D 0-0
Manchester United A L 0-2
Fulham H L 0-1
Arsenal H L 0-2
Huddersfield Town A W 3-2
Wolves H W 2-1
Chelsea A L 0-3
West Ham United H D 1-1

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