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Expectations: January Transfer Window 2018

Monday 1 January 2018 by
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Jan Window Past

Here we go again. Another month, for many Watford fans, of constant trailing through websites for rumours and checking the Watford FC twitter feed for an official announcements. Oh yes, the transfer window is open and Watford should have a few players coming in and a few leaving.

What should we expect?

They will address the needs

Every January the club have worked to fill the gaps. In 2015 they may have brought in Motta, but the three most important signing: Guedioura for his energy during the run in, Connolly for his experience of promotion and Watson for his temperament and leadership.

They filled the extra gaps we needed to get promotion to the Premier League.

They won’t spend big

Yes, £30m was spent in 2016, but you can put most of that down to future investment. Nearly £20M was spent on Penaranda (next year maybe) and Doucoure. Both went out straight out on loan, and it took another year before Abdoulaye broke into the team and almost 18 months before he became the key player in the Watford midfield.

We could be in for a lot of loans (with options to buy)

With them not spending big, we know that Pozzo’s won’t be reckless with their cheque books. The 2017 winter window showed shrewd operators. A cheap buy for Zarate to fill a void, but two loan players with little (in footballing terms) long term financial risk.


On podcast 8.27, see below, we said there are two key areas to address. Another striker who is comfortable playing as the one up top, its a very specific . And reinforcement at the back, with a centre back, who can lead the line, are top of our list.

In four weeks time we will probably see some new players in gold, but we won’t be able to judge them as a success of failure for a long time. Not every player can hit the ground running like Cleverley and not every player can sustain a bright start [shudders thinking about Niang]. No quick fix is on it’s way.

The club may spend money, but it won’t be world changing figures and it might only be on future young talent. If we want to see quality, that is going to make a quickish impact,  then we are going to have young players who need a step up, or players out of favour at their current club.

Be strong, and don’t keep checking Twitter every 5 minutes. SOme o you did that for Suarez and look how that turned out.

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