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Your concerns

Thursday 25 August 2022 by

In our 13 years of podcasting, we’ve felt it important to be a “critical friend” when it comes to Watford FC. To help us, today, on social media, we asked you directly what your biggest current concern is.

There were lots of responses and some very clear main themes.

We’re just supporters like you so we don’t have the answers, but we want to discuss the things that are important to fellow fans of Watford FC. First hand feedback from you – of which there was lots, thank you! – points to worry about these main issues.


There’s a big question about finances, with some asking why we aren’t spending, and others asking if the financial situation is, after 2 relegations in 3 years, worse than anticipated. The different views illustrate one thing – no-one really knows.Understanding the financial situation provides context and helps with expectation levels, while it’s also perhaps important to recognise that finance is a sensitive issue. The bottom line is that there is no common consensus on the financial state of Watford.


This is a name that came up a lot, with the recurring question being why is this man seemingly so entrenched at Watford FC. It’s evidently a cause for concern for many.


Perhaps with half on eye on the Bayat issue, there are plenty of concerns about the transfer dealings and the current state of the squad. With the window open, a lot of water to go under the bridge, but there is work to do at Watford.


Continuing the theme of the squad makeup, there were plenty of questions as to whether the squad being put together was suitable for the way it’s thought Rob wants to play.


It’s also fair to say that there are happy hornets out there, too. Plenty ready to wait to see how the season pans out and to simply enjoy the ride. Nothing wrong with that, just as there is nothing wrong with raising the concerns we’ve summarised here.


We all want the same thing, which is to enjoy supporting a successful, stable Watford. For us, that means voicing & discussing concerns – plenty of which have been raised here – as well as highlighting the positives. We’ll continue to do our best to do just that.

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