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Rob Edwards – An Ex who moved on quicker.

Monday 5 June 2023 by

Sacking Rob Edwards, after 11 games of the 2022-2023 season, wasn’t the real issue. Creating an environment and culture in which it was impossible for him (and those that came before and after him) to succeed, was. We’ll never know what would have happened if Rob had stayed on, but he’d have faced the same enormous issues that Bilic and Wilder (and Hodgson, and Ranieri etc) faced. A disparate, disinterested squad and a tumultuous working environment.

Rob’s subsequent success should bring into focus the fact that  unless there is significant change, any (unlikely) success will happen despite the way Watford is run, not because of it. Sacking RE wasn’t the problem. Creating a situation in which any HC is destined to fail, is.

Despite recent failures, I don’t think anyone seriously expected any introspection from Gino Pozzo, and the apparent retaining of Giaretta would seem to suggest that the Status Quo is set to continue. It therefore seems likely the same issues will persist.

We’ve spoken about culture on countless episodes of the podcast, but reality is that culture change requires a desire and commitment to want to do it, a desire that almost certainly isn’t there. Gino wants success, but will he change his ways to get it? Doubtful.

Even if Gino could be convinced that his “my way or the highway” approach was failing, the root and branch review and implementation of a new setup and subsequent improved culture would take time, money & effort.

 On recent evidence can you see Gino signing up for that? 

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