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From the Rookery End

Oh, me? I'm just the webmaster. I don't appear on the podcast or write for the site. I just make sure the site's up.

First Watford game?
21 September 1996. Watford 0 Peterborough United 0. The game was dreadful (I still can't remember seeing a worse one), but I was excited because Barry Fry was Peterborough's manager.

Favourite ever Watford player?
Probably Alec Chamberlain. He was still playing at 42 - that's impressive.

Favourite Watford moment?
Sitting in the home end at Bramall Lane as a student, with my Watford scarf on as the Blades had a man sent off and lost 4-1. The home fans were going berserk, but I survived and had a much better time than they did… the Watford fans in the tier below had some fun too.