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“FTRE comes out on Monday, and this week’s episode came out yesterday, Monday.

You’ll have to pick off one of your ns!

By the way go to 1:20
https://t.co/bVrItnAf1R https://t.co/kjrbLSyJ6J

“Rumours flying around on deals for Pereyra and Kenedy, we discuss both on this week’s pod:
https://t.co/OqIihHXEjf https://t.co/XvXHvw8UsN

“What a wonderful summer combination - Cheers to positivity!
https://t.co/1TugZLLStD https://t.co/AJUqL4iLzf

“Is Vydra worth keeping?
We discuss this, and Soton match, on this week’s pod - OUT NOW!
https://t.co/OqIihHXEjf https://t.co/Vbcovrd7Hd

“It’s Monday, it must be NEW FTRE!
Soton, Vydra, English, Transfers
https://t.co/OqIihHXEjf https://t.co/6kjTF1Y09P

NEW PODCAST: “Point Made”

iTunes: https://t.co/RERiiuLQx1
OR https://t.co/OqIihHXEjf
#monday=ftre https://t.co/dIyG0tHPIP

The first proper pod of the season - Vydra, Walter’s English and all the talking points from 1-1 away at Southampton! fromtherookeryend.com http://ift.tt/2bsLejp

“You can tell it’s early in the season - we’re recording outside! The new pod is done & is out tomorrow! #watfordfc https://t.co/aUFDuIpdGu

“Last chance … What are the important #WatfordFC topics for this week’s podcast? https://t.co/i2qwS7H6BJ

“Drinks on Adam! 🍻⚽️💷 https://t.co/Cl3P0ivAu9

“We record the next pod tonight! Are there any subjects we should discuss? https://t.co/NzvMSBGpvg

“Here are Mike’s player ratings for @ESPNFC. What do you think, #watfordfc fans? What’s he got right/wrong? https://t.co/iV4Ujukxwv

“We suppose he had to get a prediction right eventually… #mysticmike #watfordfc https://t.co/ZhWqacEcMP

Mystic Mike! #watfordfc http://ift.tt/2aTIrRX

“OUT OF TEN: What is your score out of 10, for how you felt at the end of today’s game, and why?”


GAME ON!! http://ift.tt/2bevvFp

Remember this place for the next St Mary’s trip! http://ift.tt/2bpQcxD

“And the season has started! #WatfordFC https://t.co/Nto8OiUNoi