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100 Objects

We are, and have been for quite a while, searching for 100 Objects that define Watford FC. They can define a moment on the pitch, or define your relationship with the club.

There are some basic rules:
1) You can’t have duplicate objects – so only one matchday programme.
2) The objects can not be in use anymore.

If you have an object that you think should go into into the list, then please email us via our contact page.

We are currently revisiting the objects we have already put into the list, then going to finish it off and complete all 100 objects. You can hear the list develop by listening to the podcasts, during the current pause in the football season.

Here is the up to date “Watford in 100 Objects list”:

1: Pierre Issa’s Stretcher
2: Jason’s Knitted Wilf Rostron
3: Cardboard Andy
4: Junior Hornets Membership Card
5: IVECO Truck – our first sponsor
6: Nigel ‘Cally’ Callaghan’s Decks
7: Square Matchday Programme from the 1980s
8: Tight Red Shorts
9: Steve Palmer’s and all of his 14 Shirts (No 1 to 14)
10: The Watford Observer Clock
11: Watford 7-1 Southampton Pen
12: Gerad Lavin’s Boot – Away at Peterborough in 1994
13: A well used Watford Mug
14: An unused Watford Ash Tray
15: Elton John’s Album “Single Man”
16: An anatomically Correct Harry the Hornet
17: The Steamship Vera
18: Doughnuts from Gymkhana
19: The Lucky Norwich Canary
20: Matt Rowson’s pennant from Kaiserslautern vs Watford