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Big Money Day for Watford

Thursday 6 August 2009 by
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Saying the word ‘money’ around Watford is like saying the word ‘Voldermort’ on the Leavsden Studio set of Harry Potter. However, today has seen money coming and and going out of the Vicarage Road bank accounts so there is no getting around not using it.

Money In

Tamas Priskin’s move to Ipswich seems to have finally been settled. Nothing is signed yet, but he is having a medical today and will sign tomorrow. Upon signing he will bring in £1.75 million – that’s a nice sum of money. He only has a year left on his contract, he had already rejected a new one from Watford and well, it’s money the club needs. I am more then happy with the financial side of deal.

Money Out

We had hoped that Danny Graham would only cost £25,000, but after today’s tribunal at the Football League it’s going to be £200,000 plus £30,000 per 15 appearance he makes for the hornets (up to 75 games).

Of course the money is important, this is football where money makes the world go round. However, as fans it’s all about how these deals will effect the on pitch performance. Priskin is a player who scored plenty of goals for us, and for me what makes those goals stand out is the fact he scores goals that can change a game. That’s an attitude and experience thing that means more then a simple goal count.

I’m not going to deny I have a bit of worry in my stomach, I mean he is only one player to leave. It could turn into full on panic if Tommy goes and no one comes in to replace either of them. If he does go we will be on the back foot, but I still don’t see it as our season over and done with. I see us left with a young and eager squad who often do well in the Championship, just look at Wolves over the last few seasons.

The thing that annoys me the most is that we’re still 2 days away from the first game of the season and the fan forums ARE going on the negative and writing off the season. We need to know how Watford will play on against Doncaster and if Graham can continues to score as he is – he’s scored 5 in 5 pre-season games. If he does then we won’t miss Priskin for long and the club will enjoy £1.75 million.

You never know we might start using the other dirty word ‘promotion’.

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