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The Jure-Vision Song Contest

Thursday 6 August 2009 by
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I’ve always wanted to create a Rookery End chant – I don’t know why, maybe it’s the creative challenge? Most of the songs we sing have been around for years, but yesterday I started to think about our new players and how it would be nice if we welcome them properly to Vicarage Road. So the player I chose that was new Slovakian Defender – Jure Travner.

I thought about songs that would fit the syllables of his name – Jur-e Tra-v-ner. And after some deep thought I came up with “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”… the first verse! And here are my reworked lyrics:
Jur-e Tra-v-ner (Jur-e Tra-v-ner)
He’s from Slo-va-kia (From Slo-va-kia)
And come to stop your goals (come to stop your goals)
From far far awwwaaaaay…
Far far awwwaaaaay…

What do you think? it’s the third line that I’ve not nailed yet.As the title of this post said this is a contest so if you’ve got another Jure song we can sing then please get in touch. You might win the first ever “From The Rookery End” certificate!All I need to do now is get everyone singing it. Any ideas or do I just stand up on Saturday, start singing and hope everyone joins in?

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