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He Hits The Ball and Scores A Goal…

Thursday 27 August 2009 by

We all knew that a Tommy Smith’s transfer was coming, and the full story of the “Tommy Smith Leaving Watford” saga has been documented by the Watford Observer. As fans we would have loved for him to stay, but understand the money situation. The nice part is that he never said he was after a transfer and in the first few games of this season he’s certainly played like a player wanting to play for the club. He has been a great player for us and if he ever returns to Vicarage Road we will give him a huge clap and sing his name.
It did seem like it was going to be an average transfer with Watford eventually coming to an agreement with another club. That was until Tuesday when a final 11th hour twist made it such an interesting story.
Firstly because of how our Chairman – who we at From The Rookery End are becoming major fans of – has played the last week. It seems Jimmy Russo not only did a great job of holding out for the right money, but he also may have used the media to bring Portsmouth into the situation at the last minute. The only thing he did that seemed a little unfair was on Tuesday when Watford gave Tommy the final choice of where he wanted to go. If he had picked Reading then maybe we wouldn’t have welcomed him back so warmly.
The other point of interest is that Tommy chose Portsmouth over Reading. To some his choice might have been strange with Portsmouth tipped to go down and Reading tipped to challenge for promotion. He might have got a reunion with Brendan Rodgers, but I would have always picked Pompey. Here’s why…
Premier League NOW: He gets to play in the Premier League now. So no matter what happens to Portsmouth he gets to show off his skills and cement himself as a Premier League player this season. He’s not going to get many more chances to play in the Premier League – Reading are only a might be Premier League club.
4 Year Contract: Tommy is 29 and his next contract would have been his last big money even if it was at Watford. When his Portsmouth contract runs out he’ll be 33. He should be fit to play for a few more years, but it won’t be at the best money of his career.

Better Wages NOW: I’m sure his wages at Pompey are better then the ones he would have got at Reading this season. I’m sure he would have got Premier League money IF Reading got promotion, but with his lack of years left, he needs to earn his money while he can.
Good luck to you Tommy, you deserve to play in the Premier League, we only wish it was with Watford. Thanks for embrassing Rodgers with not turning up for the press conference on Tuesday it will make our encounters this season a lot easier no matter what happens in the games. Your a star!
Oh and make sure you keep Portsmouth up… there might be another £200k in it for us!

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