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Sticks and Stones…

Wednesday 23 December 2009 by

So Graham Taylor called Jimmy Russo a “Bad Man” last week on Sky Sports News.

Why? Because of Russo’s conduct at the AGM. It certainly didn’t seem the sort of thing that would get lawyers involve. However it seems it is. I saw the interview and I saw the pure passion and true hurt in Graham Taylors eyes. And in a week of high emotions the phrase “Bad Man” is nothing compared to what a lot of fans were calling Russo.

My big problem with this story is that it’s only being kept alive because of interviews where Jimmy himself brings it up. I always thought that during his time in Chairman Russo was open and used the media around him very well and kept Watford fans in the loop. However, in the last week he has become the kind of contact a journalist loves. You can call him up, you’ll know that he’ll come on and he’ll always have something interesting to say. Very quickly he’ll start looking like a self-publicist who really has nothing to publicise. That just comes across as egotistical.

As Hornblooger said in his post, Jimmy must have GT’s phone number so use it. Sort it out between yourselves lad, not in the media. It’s the right way of doing things that should have been done a few months ago between chairman and shareholders. And maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t have got ourselves in the financial situation we are/were in.

Let it go Jimmy… “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.

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