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A Clearer Financial Picture

Friday 1 January 2010 by

What’s going on? has been a question on pretty much every Watford fan for the last month. Being a stock market business it is often hard for Chairman and Chief Executives to share all the information they want. but great to read a Financial Q&A with CEO Julian Winter on the Watfordfc.com about what went on and where we stand. I would love to hear more details about the “Watford Way” Winter mentions

If Watford are to stay a multi owner club then an Independent Board is key for me. They will run the club as it should be and are probably less likely to play around with someone else’s money. It’s also very important to have people with passion for the club like Graham Taylor. As football fans it is important to know how much we can expect from our club. This open article lets me know what we can demand and hope from our club.

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