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World Cup: Next Goal Wins

Thursday 17 June 2010 by

In the 1998 World Cup they called it the Golden Goal. In Euro 2004 they called it the Silver Goal. But when we used to play in the school playgrounds and local recs, it was always Next Goal Wins. So we at From The Rookery End want to see how the World Cup pans out using this method.

How? Simple. When you play Next Goal Wins, the winning goal is always the last. So that’s what we’ve done. And it’s a disastrous start for England. That goalkeeping blunder that everyone’s been talking about is the significant incident in the Three Lions opener. And the shock of the first round of games?

No, not The Swiss beating the Spanish favourites, but North Korea giving Brazil a lesson in Next Goal Wins footie. Bet Kim Jong-il will let them show that one on the telly! Perhaps the Brazillian jogadores de futebol need to learn from the World Champs on how to play. The Italians getting their tactics spot on for an opening victory.

Watch out for it when you are watching the World Cup matches, and come back soon to see how the group stages progress in the Next Goal Wins World Cup!

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