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Saturday 11 December 2010 by

This post was originally published on Saturday 4th December 2010 in the Watford vs Leicester Matchday programme
Rappers De La Soul once said that three was the magic number. Mike Parkin of ‘From the Rookery End’ is starting to think they were right…

For a football club with a three sided ground, it is perhaps appropriate that
the objectives detailed in the recently released Annual Report are described as the ‘three pillars’. Unlike the ancient columns that support the increasingly forlorn looking East stand however, these pillars look like they could be integral to the future of Watford and could be around for some time.

For those of you who haven’t had sight of the annual report, the three
objectives are as follows:

1) To develop and maintain a high-performing player talent base
2) To develop and maintain a profitable and sustainable business
3) To be a true community partner

All too often companies and business come up with airy fairy mission
statements and corporate objectives that don’t appear to mean anything, so it is with some relief that these aims seem to make sense. Even to me.

The first aim is clear. We need to continue to develop good players. With the Harefield Academy continuing to get praise from every corner of the footballing world and graduates regularly plying their trade in the first team, we seem to be on the right track. We’ve been on the right track before and blown it of course, but any set-up that can produce Lloyd Doyley has to be doing something right.

The second target is the trickiest of the three as it mentions our arch nemesis.Money. Watford are the only entity I am aware of with a worse financial track record than me, the pair of us seemingly unable to make a sound financial decision if our lives depended on it. Having said that, at least we’re both trying to do something about it. Watford by cutting their cloth accordingly and me by purchasing fewer Apple products. I think the pair of us would happily admit we have a long way to go.

In trying to ‘become a true community partner’ the Board are illustrating that they are well and truly back in touch with what makes this club great. It’s work with us normal folk. The fans, the public, the local kids.

With initiatives such as the Open Day, Fans Forum and ‘At Your Place’
evenings taking place alongside countless other community events, the club are clearly committed to reaching out to as many of us as possible. Having experienced some of the events myself, I’m happy to say they are succeeding. Long may it continue.

As the famous saying (sort of) goes – ‘Behind every pillar is a great man’ and true enough, there are three men charged with turning the three pillars from ink on paper to reality. Could we have three better men for the job? Personally I doubt it.

In Chief Executive Julian Winter we have a straight talking professional,
who as an ex Huddersfield Town footballer has experience of both sides of the white line. Having been lucky enough to meet Julian on a number of occasions, he has left me feeling confident and assured that we have a firm, fair and focussed CEO. His point blank refusal to even consider giving me a free Watford shirt shows he is commercially astute too!

In leading on pitch matters we have a man who, being Scottish, has overcome considerable challenges to forge not only a successful playing career but also the beginnings of an excellent managerial one. Malky Mackay has acquitted himself well in his time as boss, his dealings in the transfer market have been largely successful, and the team has performed well under his stewardship. He comes across well in interviews and unlike many of his contemporaries has remained dignified in the face of some baffling decisions.

The third man, our Chairman, needs no introduction. The living embodiment of all that is Watford FC. The man whose vision, hard work, knowledge and dedication gave the club virtually all of it’s best memories and honours. Two simple letters should be all you need to hear to know that our club is under the stewardship of people that care. GT.

So, with three pillars, three good men and three usable sides to our beloved old stadium, all seems set fair as we try to stabilise, secure and ultimately succeed. Of course, three points wouldn’t go amiss either…

Come on your Horns!

— Mike

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