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Thursday 17 February 2011 by

Everyone loves panto, me more then most. Even now, aged 31, I am the loudest to shout “HE’S BEHIND YOU” and when the bad guy comes on I’m the first and loudest to “BOOOOOOOOOO”.

Panto isn’t the only place where you hear booing. We’ve started to hear it in the last week at Vicarage Road. Why? Well it’s probably due to our drop in form and a particularly poor first half performance against Preston. The Watford Observer reported that Malky understood. We ‘pay our money’ to watch the game and we’ve been very supported of the big man and the team.

Yes, I completely understand why fans do it – but I don’t like it. It’s not the sentiment I have a problem with. Fans have to express their frustration and disappointment. It’s the noise I don’t like. I always go back to those panto moments.

So over to you… what noise should football fans make?

We could all ‘tut’ like a school teacher or make the noise of a cow going ‘Mooooooo’ – It’s a similar sound, but a little more light-hearted. Maybe we should all join together no mass for a massive Family Fortune incorrect answer “ERGH ER” (I know that spelling isn’t right, but you get the idea).

There has got to be a more constructive noise we can make.

Leave your suggestions for noises in the blog below and we’ll bring the best ones to life in the next podcast.


— Jon

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