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Tuesday 5 April 2011 by

Robbie Savage is up for an award, and we can stop him winning!

Some of you might have read our blog post from a few months back about how Robbie Savage doesn’t like Watford fans. Why? Well he says it’s because we laughed when he broke his league at Vicarage Road in 2006 whilst playing for Blackburn. However we to know it was a broken leg. He was just another opposition player who got injured. And being a man with a reputation for being an idiot he left himself open for abuse when he gets injured.

Have a listen to when Mike called up 606 to say how proud he was of Watford. He did quite well until Robbie turned it into yet another self centred conversation about his views on football!

Mike vs Robbie – 606 Oct 2 2010 by From The Rookery End

Last week the radio industry announced the nominees for the Sony Radio Awards. The ‘Sonys’ are the Oscars of the radio industry and Robbie Savage has been nominated for the Rising Star Award. The award is “the only people’s choice award which celebrates new radio talent”.


So please click HERE and do the right things and vote for Ronnie Wood.

He is a legend of Rock and Roll and the other guys nominated are unknowns and will never get enough votes to win.

VOTE FOR RONNIE… and what every youdo … DON’T VOTE FOR SAVAGE!

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