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How to make a Danny vest

Tuesday 26 April 2011 by
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With Wear a Vest for Danny Day now under a week away, many of you might be asking “What’s the best way to make a Danny Graham Vest?

Well, here is the From The Rookery End guide to making a Danny Graham inspired vest – Cue the “Vision On” music and calming voiceover!

1. Print out your message onto a A4 sheet

You can write straight onto the vest with no guide or stencil. But if you aren’t sure on how big your writing needs to be then this is a great way to space it out. An A4 size sheet either in portrait or landscape is about the right size.

2. Place your print out inside your vest near the neck line

As you can see we’ve used a ironing board to help hold the vest in place. It also keep the back of the vest out the way and it gives you a good work surface at a manageable height.

3. Get a marker pen and slowly draw/trace your message onto the vest.

As you write you’ll probably feel the material start to gather up – so take it slow. You might find it helpful to hold small sections of material between two fingers. Straight lines seem to be the easiest to do as you can do nice long strokes. Curves need to be done with short ones. TIP: One idea for when you print your message out – USE CAPITAL LETTERS.

4. And there you have it one finished Danny Graham shirt

You’re now ready to show your thanks to Danny and the rest of the Watford boys at Wear a Vest for Danny Day – Saturday 30th April 2011 at Watford vs QPR.

For more information and find out what the day is all about please look at our dedicated page. You’ll also find details on how you can win a EXCLUSIVE signed Danny Graham vest.

Oh and remember Podcast 11 is out now. Download it via iTunes or listen on-line fromtherookeryend.com
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