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Your Danny vest message

Wednesday 27 April 2011 by
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On two occasions this season Danny has used the power of the vest to express how he is feeling. And. Wear a Vest for Danny Day is all about expressing your thanks to Danny Graham and the boys for all their hard work this season. Especially Danny with all the wonderful goals he’s scored this season. You may have already of read our guide on how to make a Danny Graham vest, but you might not sure what to write on it.

Don’t panic! Here are a load of ideas…

Born in Gateshead, Made in Watford

Goal-den Graham

Danny, Champion of the World

Lloyd of the dance

I love Lloyd, Lloyd loves me

We’ve only got two Taylors

In Malky we trust

Marry me Malky!

Danny Graham: the golden boy with the golden boot

Och aye, we love Malky Mackay!

Sean Dyche ate my car exhaust

Buckley’s too good for you

Of course you can borrow the original vests Danny made himself. And here are some vest that we made earlier. Please feel free to copy, adapt or use as inspiration for your own vest.

Inspried by a tweet from @dantendler

Danny and a list of all Watford’s all time greatest strikers.

Danny is big on tweeting and very good at coming up with a #hashtag. Here is one with the biggest hashtag of the moment. Why? Because quite simply Danny is #winning.

You can’t beat a good pun on a vest.

The simplest of all the vests… it comes straight from the heart.

If you have any ideas of your own and want to share with everyone else then please make a comment below. Check back over the next few days as we will add more ideas for messages as we get them.
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