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Sunday 1 May 2011 by

Morning Watford FC fans. A quick note – it’s worth remembering that any QPR fans in home areas will have been bought tickets by a Watford fans. The club cannot legislate for Watford FC fans buying and passing on tickets to opposition fans, which clearly plenty did. We were approached outside the ground by QPR fans asking if we were on the database and if we could buy them tickets. We said no, but others may have done it for a few quid.

The club have made an official statement to apologies to fans for yesterday’s problems and will be reviewing the ticketing system and procedures for high profile games like this one ahead of 2011-2012 season.

Let’s forget QPR, it’s about us. Watford FC have had a great season and have performed beyond expectations both on and off the pitch. We should be proud of what club have achieved and remember a great season. Not a few isolated incidents on Saturday – We’re better than that.

Plus, just think, a bit of horse poo might help the grass grow back a bit quicker.

Mike and Jon

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