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Watford’s season on aggregate

Tuesday 17 May 2011 by

23 oppositions played home and away. A Championship season is 46 games, each one lasting 90 minutes, each giving a result – Win, Lose or Draw. However, what if every Championship result was done on aggregate?

With that thought on my mind, and for a bit of fun and to take a different look at the 2010-2011 season, I’ve put together the home and away results for every Watford results from the last season to see if things looked a little different. Oh, and away goal rule was enforced.

10 wins, 12 losses and 1 out and out draws.

I’d kind of hoped for a significant difference, a way of showing that we’ve had a season worthy of higher finish in the league. It certainly felt like a finish higher then we achieved. But the results still make sense for a club that finish 14th out of 24.

A few things stand out – The most boring games were our clashes against Barnsley – only 1 goal in 180 minutes. And the most entertaining seems to be our games with Leicester and Cardiff – 11 goals in each tie.

One interesting point is our record against the clubs that finish top and bottom of the league.

Top 2 – both wins – and we beat both at their place.
Playoff places – 1 win, 2 losses and a draw.
Bottom 3 – Only 1 win and 2 losses.

So does anything stand out for you, do any of the aggregate results paint a better picture of a the performance you saw on the pitch and do any of them make you proud?


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