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TAKE 3: Laurence Bassini to answer fans questions

Tuesday 20 December 2011 by

Jason, Mike and I have talked at great length over the last few months about Laurence Bassini. It all started when, at the last minute, he pull out of a Fans Forum at Vicarage Road and a week or so later he pulled out of a Fans Phone In on BBC Three Counties. Like many fans we have a few questions for our new owner, in fact we have 5 simple questions we’d like to ask Laurence:

1. Why did you decide to ‘invest’ in football?
2. Why Watford?
3. As owner, what will represent a successful tenure?
4. What are your plans for the Stadium redevelopment and the timescale for completion?
5. Where is the money for bond repayments, stadium redevelopments and future player purchases going to come from?

Some listeners to the podcast may of thought of us as three overly worried Watford fans. And worried we were, however our worries aren’t born out of paranoia, merely out of a lack of knowledge and understanding that comes from poor communication.

I, and my co-hosts, started to feel better when the Watford Supporters Trust published their notes from their one-on-one meeting with Laurence. Yes, we got some new information on the work at Vicarage Road, but we have begun to understand a little bit more about Laurence as the owner of Watford Football Club. And that is why we came up with our 5 simple questions. They weren’t aimed to catch him out, ask him personal information or get to see his bank balance. We just wanted to get to know him better as a businessman. The WST meeting helps us to begin to see his aims and intentions during his tenure and I recommend all Watford fans have a read of the notes in full. For me his biggest issue seems to be the fact he isn’t a limelight grabber and perhaps he isn’t good in front of a crowd – not many people are.

The great news today is club has announced that Laurence will be doing an on-line Q&A in the new year. So this is ours and your chance to ask a question of our owner and get an answer to make us feel more positive about how our club is going to be run. Is it a public forum where I can ask my questions directly, no, but I for one hope we now have a way for fans to have a regular means to communication with the owner of Watford Football Club.

Fans wishing to ask a question of Laurence (one per person) should e-mail themediateam@watfordfc.com with the phrase ‘Bassini Q&A’ in the subject line. You have until 5PM ON FRIDAY 23RD DECEMBER to get your email in.


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