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New Year, New Me

Saturday 31 December 2011 by

Mike shares his plans for making his 2012 footballing experience a little less stressful… With Christmas done and dusted there are now two things occupying our minds. Dealing with the credit card bills we racked up whilst buying our families jumpers, socks and bubble bath – and new years resolutions. Every year we tell ourselves we won’t bother, but I bet there isn’t one of you reading this that hasn’t said to themselves “I’m definitely doing that in the new year…” Well, never one to be left out, I’ve made a few resolutions of my own, each designed to make my life as a Watford fan more enjoyable.
As those of you who listen to the ‘From the Rookery End’ podcast (If you haven’t listened to it it yet – there’s your new years resolution right there!) will know, I don’t have the sunniest of dispositions. Well, it’s probably worse than you thought. I go to every Watford game expecting us to lose. Seriously. I’m so negative I make Jack Dee look like Santa Claus. I know why I do it – it’s self preservation. John Cleese summed it up perfectly in the 1986 film ‘Clockwise’ when he said; ‘I can take the despair, it’s the hope I can’t stand‘. I want Watford to win so much, I daren’t let myself believe it might happen. Well, I’ve decided that it’s no way to be and 2012 is going to see me heading to Vicarage Road with a spring in my step and a grin on my face, full of positivity and the promise of goals and points.
My second resolution should have happened years ago. Like many sportsmen and spectators, I’m superstitious. If I’ve worn a particular outfit to a game we’ve won, I have to wear it to the next game. If we score and I have my hand in my pocket, my hand stays in my pocket until we score again. If we haven’t conceded whilst I’m holding my bottle of drink, I can’t put it down for fear of letting one in. Well, it’s all going to end. Not only are my superstitions obviously completely ineffective – if they worked we’d be top of the league – but they get in the way of me enjoying the game. Instead of getting on my feet to applaud the latest Nosworthy wonder tackle, I’m too busy trying to stay still in case any movement results in a change of fortune on the pitch. Well no more! For 2012 there will be no superstitions – it’s all up to you now lads…

My final resolution is a clear indicator that I’m getting old. I’m going to stop barracking referees. Whilst many would argue that a verbal volley towards a referee who has denied you yet another blatant penalty is an integral part of the football supporting process, for 2012 I’m going to side with the men in black. It’s a tough job they have out there (although it would be easier if they just listened to John Eustace when he tells them what’s what) and I’m sure they aren’t completely useless on purpose.

So, there you have it. My 2012 New Years Resolutions. Ah. But it’s still 2011 Isn’t it? In which case; congratulations Doncaster on your inevitable win, keep that lucky clover close to hand and REFEREE – ARE YOU BLIND?!

Come on You Horns!

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