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#48 – A Luton Town Membership Card

Wednesday 6 August 2014 by

Yes, this photo is sideways – but it’s a Luton membership card so we didn’t think it was worth changing that!

Many Watford fans have to sacrifice a lot in their lives to follow the glory hornets week in and week out. You may miss special events to travel up to Doncaster or not little Johnny a birthday present because you want the latest shirt.

However, life long Watford fan, Nick Dunsbury made the biggest sacrifice any Watford fans has ever had to make. Nick told us:

It was from the years when away fans were banned from Kenilworth Road. I applied for Membership of the club so I could buy a ticket. However, I was refused due to my Watford address. So I reapplied with my sister’s Bletchley address and I was officially a member of Luton Town football club. When we scored I recall half the main stand jumping up and I don’t remember any problems at that fixture.

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