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#70 Uncovered dugouts

Saturday 27 May 2017 by

It didn’t escape the attention of many that until the 1990’s the dugouts at Vicarage Road were nothing more than a row of uncomfortable looking bucket seats.  Before that there were just wooden benches, exposed to the elements with no protection for managers, coaching staff or substitutes. Opposition supporters could have been forgiven for thinking this was yet another indication of Watford’s small time approach or a lack of funds for a more impressive and comfortable alternative.

The real reason was different, simple and heartwarming. Graham Taylor believed that as long as the home supporters at had to stand uncovered on the Vicarage Road end terrace, the staff should face whatever the weather threw at them, too. It was a demonstration of the understanding Graham Taylor had of the importance of the supporters, and his insistence of standing alongside them in sunshine, wind and rain was a clear message of solidarity and example of the bond he and the Watford faithful shared.

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