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#71 “I’m sorry” placard

Saturday 27 May 2017 by

We all make mistakes, and while his were perhaps fewer and more far between, Graham Taylor wasn’t exempt.

During an interview in the 1980’s, the Watford boss was quoted as suggesting the Watford supporters could do more to generate a better atmosphere at Vicarage Road. Hornets fans, who had had to put up with the away fans making a racket in the acoustically superior and covered Rookery terrace, weren’t impressed.

Sensing that his comments, although well intentioned were perhaps misjudged, Taylor strode out into the centre circle before the next home game. He held up a placard, upon which were printed two words. “I’m sorry”. Taylor had expertly diffused a potentially awkward situation, but was only able to do so because of his humility, sense of humour and empathy. Needless to say, all was quickly forgiven.

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