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Done by Dyche (10.19)

Sunday 24 November 2019 by


Well. That wasn’t quite what we’d hoped for, was it? Hear how Jon, Mike and Jas react to yet another deeply disappointing afternoon at the Vic, as they try to get their heads round another home game without a win. Luckily, this episode isn’t all about the Burnley game, with interviews with two former Hornerts providing some vital light relief.

Jon caught up with the legendary Sir Nigel Gibbs at an event celebrating the terrific Watford Treasury, while Kieran/Hollywood spoke with Jay DeMerit at the European Premiere of LaGolda at Vicarage Road. Arlo is also back in Michael Parkin’s son, so there is plenty to enjoy despite the unpalatable on-field action.

Come on you ‘Orns.

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