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100 Objects

As football fans, the things we treasure most are our memories. Players and managers, even stadiums come and go, but we will always have our memories, and we wanted to come up with something that would allow us to share ours, whilst also hearing what other gems fellow fans can remember. That’s why we started our project – Watford in 100 objects.

The aim of Watford in 100 objects is to bring together a list of one hundred different items, each providing an evocative memory or time in Watford’s history, but we need your help to do it! Here at FTRE we have our own objects that will be included, but what will make it special is hearing yours. The object can be absolutely anything as long as it is linked in some way to Watford Football Club.


To play a part, all you have to do is email details of your object (you don’t have to own it!), along with a brief description as to why you want it included to podcast@fromtherookeryend.com. We will be building the list as the season goes on, providing updates here on the website and on our monthly podcasts so if you want yours to be featured, email us today.

#48 – A Luton Town Membership Card


Many Watford fans have to sacrifice a lot in their lives to follow the glory hornets week in and week out. You may miss special events to travel up to Doncaster or not little Johnny a birthday present because you want the latest shirt.

#47: A Watford FC Passport to Europe


What does every Watford fan need before heading off on a trip into Europe?

#46 – Alan Cozzi’s Nikon F Camera


Alan Cozzi is a Watford Legend, but many Watford fans wouldn’t recognise him if he walked past them or they may not even know his name.

#45 – A Watford FC Branded Double Decker Bus


It was a school holidays in the late 80’s, and the junior hornets, then run by the legendary Ann Swanson, were on a day trip to Highbury. I was on the trip and we’d enjoyed a tour of the stadium, hearing the horse and cart ghost story, and a game of football in the JVC centre – an indoor sports hall in the depths of Highbury.

100 Objects – The next 50

We’ve been searching for 100 that define Watford FC for a while now. It’s a wonderful list, and full of some fantastic personal stories from fans. So as we head towards our 50 Objects mark, we want to know what MUST we include in the list? The aim of Watford in 100 objects has always been […]

#42 Watford Stadium Halt Railway Station


The 1982/83 season will undoubtedly be remembered by Watford fans as the Hornets’ historic first season in the top flight, but it also marked the opening of Watford Stadium Rail Station, a facility that opened in December 1982.

#41 Nick Cox’s Hartlepool Teamsheet


Lloyd Doyley has the record number of guest appearances on From The Rookery End – 5, followed by Martin Taylor and Nick Cox on 3. Whilst Nick was in charge of Watford’s Academy we had him on to tells us about how it all works on a few occasions. He was always a great guest […]

#44 An ITV Digital Box


I’ll be honest, I was quite excited at the list of names coming in to Vicarage Road over the summer of 2001. Vega, Hughes, Glass, Gayle. All players with Premier League experience. Add to that the exotic (for Watford) Galli & Blondeau and expectations were high going into the season. Of course, led by the […]

#43 Peter Birch’s wedding rings.


This object is Peter Birch’s wedding ring. Yes, technically there are two of them, but he is currently using one of them. I meet Peter the night before the play off final against Crystal Palace as he was over from Norway, where he now lives, to see the big game. He told me why his wedding rings are so special to Watford, a specific team and and specific result.

#38: Aidy Boothroyd’s UFO


Seen over Vicarage Road by Aidy Boothroyd “Unbelievable” said Chris Kamara. I suppose the fact that he was with us on that sunny Saturday in September 2008 meant that something unusual was bound to happen. It had already gone a bit weird when the experienced Estonian Mart Poom was forced off injured to be replaced […]