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100 Objects

As football fans, the things we treasure most are our memories. Players and managers, even stadiums come and go, but we will always have our memories, and we wanted to come up with something that would allow us to share ours, whilst also hearing what other gems fellow fans can remember. That’s why we started our project – Watford in 100 objects.

The aim of Watford in 100 objects is to bring together a list of one hundred different items, each providing an evocative memory or time in Watford’s history, but we need your help to do it! Here at FTRE we have our own objects that will be included, but what will make it special is hearing yours. The object can be absolutely anything as long as it is linked in some way to Watford Football Club.


To play a part, all you have to do is email details of your object (you don’t have to own it!), along with a brief description as to why you want it included to podcast@fromtherookeryend.com. We will be building the list as the season goes on, providing updates here on the website and on our monthly podcasts so if you want yours to be featured, email us today.

#72 Train ticket to Newcastle

Graham Taylor made his debut for Grimsby Town on 14 September 1963 against Newcastle United. Later, as manager of Watford, he would make a number of other, less obvious trips to St James’ Park. If Watford didn’t have a midweek fixture, the Hornets’ boss would often park his car at Kings Cross after taking training […]

#71 “I’m sorry” placard

We all make mistakes, and while his were perhaps fewer and more far between, Graham Taylor wasn’t exempt. During an interview in the 1980’s, the Watford boss was quoted as suggesting the Watford supporters could do more to generate a better atmosphere at Vicarage Road. Hornets fans, who had had to put up with the […]

#70 Uncovered dugouts

It didn’t escape the attention of many that until the 1990’s the dugouts at Vicarage Road were nothing more than a row of uncomfortable looking bucket seats.  Before that there were just wooden benches, exposed to the elements with no protection for managers, coaching staff or substitutes. Opposition supporters could have been forgiven for thinking […]

100 OBJECTS: Crisps, Rolo, Wellie and a Fuel Pump

We continue our search for 100 Objects that define Watford Football Club. Here we have items 63 to 66, they include a Rolo, a Wellie Boot, a packet of crisps and a fuel pump. Thanks to Marc Webber, Jamie Parkins and Alice Arnold for adding their objects to our list. If you have a suggestion […]

#61 Ken Furphy Dossier

Here at FTRE we were saddened to learn of the passing of former Watford player and manager, Ken Furphy.

#54 – Workington rubber duck


Object 54 was nominated by Kenneth Jackson. It came about on an away game against Workington (we’ve not played them since 1977 and they’re currently playing in Northern Premier League) in the swinging 60’s.

#53 – Lost Floodlight Fuse


On Tuesday night in April 1959, Watford were in a dire position towards the end of the season and played a ‘must win’ game at Vicarage Road against Shrewsbury. Into the second half the Hornets were 5-2 down and when the referee signalled for the floodlights to be switched on nothing happened.

#52 A Rotherham Meat Pie


This object sums up the relationship with one of the least popular managers in the club’s History – Gianluca Vialli.

#50 – Terry Challis Painting of Elton John on the back of a Hornet


Our list of 100 Objects, that define Watford FC, is only made great by your nominations. Several have nominated Terry Challis’s painting of Elton John on the Back of a hornet and Kelvin Grimwood told us what the painting and Terry’s weekly Watford Observer comic strips meant to him as it does many Watford fans.

#49 – Dave Messenger’s Wallchart


Every football fan loves a Wallchart. Religiously filling it in through out a season, or a tournament, is always fun and deeply satisfying once complete. If it is loved, a wallchart can show the highs and lows, the intricate details of a teams journey and who the heroes were.

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