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Big Money Day for Watford

Saying the word ‘money’ around Watford is like saying the word ‘Voldermort’ on the Leavsden Studio set of Harry Potter. However, today has seen money coming and and going out of the Vicarage Road bank accounts so there is no getting around not using it.

A New Season Ahead…

It’s only a week till the start of the new football season and “From The Rookery End” will be following Watford each week on this blog and on our podcasts.

It’s bonkers, it’s fun, it’s Watford again.


Well, it may well be slightly frustrating, mildly amusing, at times entertaining and often quite annoying, but at least it is fun again. After a year or so of dreadful football, discontent among supporters, financial worries and boardroom horror stories, it’s starting to feel like Watford again.

Into the great unknown. Again…

So there we have it. Aidy is no more. The instant reaction is shock, despite being a supporter for over 20 years, sacking a manager still doesn’t seem like a very Watford-like thing to do. It feels like one of those things that happens to other clubs…

Watford 2 Reading 2 (Apparently) – 20/09/08


“…but funny things happen when you least expect it, especially at Watford…” That’s what I said at the end of my last post after the defeat to Plymouth – looking forward to the Reading game. Funny things can happen. Crikey, did they happen!

Watford 1 Plymouth 2 – 16/09/08


I was hungover to high heaven after seeing Metallica at the O2 the night before (one of the teenage habits that I don’t seem to be able to break) and was entirely reliant on a lift from a mate. He was late, so I was late.

Sing when I’m winning? Watford 2 Ipswich 1 – 30/08/08


It really all had got too much. Watford were woeful, England were worse and the Premiership was (is) full of some of the most unpleasant people on earth (hi Ashley. Send my love to Cheryl. You tw*t.). So, I began a trial separation.

Watford 0 Crystal Palace 2 – 19/04/08

I have been a Watford supporter since I was old enough to understand what football is. I have been a season ticket holder since not long after that. Watford are a big part of my life, and will remain to be so – whatever happens, Premier League or Blue Square Premier League, I’ll be there.

WBA 1 Watford 1 – 12/04/08

Well that was better wasn’t it. A lot better. It couldn’t have been much worse, I grant you, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

Watford 0 Barnsley 3 – 9/04/08

I had a bad feeling about last night. It set in when I read a report on the West Ham – Portsmouth game from Tuesday night. In the report, Alan Curbishley bemoaned the poor performance form both his West Ham team and the crowd at the Boleyn Ground. He said it was “flat”.