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Football 0 Tennis 1

Granted, I have mellowed slightly and am now less likely to hurl whatever is in my hand when the bad news breaks against the wall, but let us be clear – following a Hornets defeat, I still get the raging hump. The thing is, there is a knock on effect. After a Watford defeat I can’t tolerate any football. I forego The Football league Show (not a massive sacrifice I grant you) and can’t even bring myself to watch Match of the Day. Sky Sports News is out of bounds, and so are the sports sections of the bulging Sunday papers. Irrational I know, but there you have it.

Finding Our Level

Further to the blog post Grandad Taylor – my hopes he brings stability to the club and helps us find our natural postition in the world of Football – it was great to read GT’s words in today’s Express. Particularly these ones:

Grandad Taylor

A nice message to Graham Taylor from the Hornblogger:

The Family Way

If I were Chairman of Watford this is the strategy I would lead the club with. I know there is a lot of work done in the community through the trust, but I don’t think the current ground set up helps encourage families to attend games. I hope that the new East Stand (whenever it arrives) will be set up to focus on the family and be more then a designated area of seats. It needs special areas and facilities to help encourage families – a Family Enclosure. I remember seeing the same families at every game and having a special family room where Dads and kids could socialise before and after the game. Football was the reason we came to games, but we got so much more from it – friendships. I would love for at least part of the East Stand to be a place where not only Watford families can sit together, but also where away families can sit next to them.

A Clearer Financial Picture

If Watford are to stay a multi owner club then an Independent Board is key for me. They will run the club as it should be and are probably less likely to play around with someone else’s money. It’s also very important to have people with passion for the club like Graham Taylor. As football fans it is important to know how much we can expect from our club. This open article lets me know what we can demand and hope from our club.

Helguson Possibly Move To Newcastle

So going out on loan isn’t just a chance for young players like 20 years old Tom Cleverly or 19 year old Henri Landsbury to get some first team action and get noticed.

Do you want to go up?

To go up or not to go up… that’s a hell of a question?

Half Term Report

So that’s all the Watford football of 2009 done and dusted and if I were a school teacher writing a half term report I’d give the team a B+ grade – “far better then expected”.

Sticks and Stones…

Why? Because of Russo’s conduct at the AGM. It certainly didn’t seem the sort of thing that would get lawyers involve. However it seems it is. I saw the interview and I saw the pure passion and true hurt in Graham Taylors eyes. And in a week of high emotions the phrase “Bad Man” is nothing compared to what a lot of fans were calling Russo.

When to move on…

Watford have always been a team where players can make a bit of a name for themselves before moving up the football club food chain. Plus with our financial situation it looks like we will be doing it for a while longer. Yesterday’s press stories about better ties with Wycombe is a great policy. We not only develop our own talent, but can make money from being the middleman in players careers. There isn’t going to be a Mike Williamson every season, but one once it a while will be a lovely thing.

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